Meditate as soon as you rise, before you start engaging with your day.

Eat Dinner Before 7PM

Keep it light to avoid uncomfortable fullness at bedtime.

Take an After Dinner Stroll

A relaxing walk after dinner helps with digestion before bedtime

Run a Warm Bath

Try aromatic essential oils or candles. You may want to rub oil on the bottoms of your feet and massage them to relax and ground you.


Minimize stressful activities after the sun goes down, and put away all electronic devices at least an hour before bed.

Release the Day

Review the events of your day in a journal or in your mind just before bed. Observe each encounter without judgment, and then release it from your mind.

Lights Out Between 9:30 – 10:30 PM

If this is early for you, move your bedtime up by a half-hour each week.

Trouble Falling Asleep?

Try a sleep meditation or full-body relaxation exercise to help you drift off.

Key tools for you to improve your sleep