Overview: Body Posture Feedback

Everyone knows that our minds and bodies are closely linked. But did you realize that you can literally change the way you feel by changing your posture? If you’re hunched up and your body is “closed”, for example, you’ll feel less confident than when you stand up tall with your shoulders back.

The Why

Every time you stand, lie down, sit, walk, even when you smile, your brain recognizes the muscles you’re using and remembers how you felt when you used them before. This changes your brain’s chemistry and the kind of hormones it releases into your body. So striking a more powerful pose like standing tall and upright with your shoulders back will increase hormones linked to feeling powerful and confident.

Great for…

De-stress, Drive, Confidence, Mood




Stop and pay attention to your current posture.


Ask yourself if your posture is helping you get into the mental state you want to be in.


Change your posture to reflect the mental state you want to move in to and hold this for at least a minute. Look at the suggested posture changes below.

Posture changes:

  • To feel more powerful/confident: stand or sit tall and open your limbs up by pushing your shoulders back or opening your legs and arms so you take up more space.
  • To feel happier: by simply smiling you can make yourself feel happier. Force a smile on your face!
  • To feel more relaxed: sit up straight so that you can open your lungs up and breathe more easily. This will help you relieve stress and increase energy levels.