Overview: A Bit of Green

Being outdoors, where there are trees, greenery and nature, has a positive impact on our ability to think and focus as well as impacting our mood and stress levels. This in turn can contribute to how we perform each day and can help us sleep better at night.

The Why

Being active helps release endorphins (our happy hormones). Getting outside can take us away from the to-do list we have staring at us at work or at home and it helps us refocus our attention away from social pressures, allowing us to focus on things that are actually important to us. Physically, being exposed to the natural sunlight means we produce more vitamin D which is essential for the absorption of Calcium – which is linked to positive mood. Meanwhile being in nature has also been shown to stimulate creativity, a really positive contributor towards our mental fitness.

Great for…

De-stress, Mood




Stop what you are doing (if you can!) and consider if you can make time to get outdoors.


If you immediately think “I can’t”, then challenge this automatic thought. Is there anything you can do to make it happen? If not now, then later in the day. Are there ways you can be in nature more regularly in your day?


Find ways to change your behavior to get nature into your everyday life e.g.

  • Try and take at least 2 walks of fifteen minutes a day.
  • If you have been sitting at your desk and stuck on a particular problem, take a break and find somewhere where there’s greenery
  • Introduce a plant where you work
  • Try and incorporate a route with trees and greenery into your journey to work
  • Get on your bike outdoors, go fishing
  • Go for a stroll in the park or eat your lunch outside.
  • Take up a hobby which requires you to be outside.
  • Take the kids outside to the park after school or at the weekend.