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The Leaders in Addiction and Behavioral Health for Athletes

Pure Sports Recovery is the first Joint Commission Accredited Neuroscience driven Sports Recovery Treatment Center in the USA for the scientific treatment of addiction and behavioral health issues. We have treated hundreds of professional athletes leading with advanced neuroscience, specializing in:

• Addiction
• Behavioral Health
• Dual Diagnosis
• Depression
• Mood Regulation
The Pure Sports Recovery Advanced Neuroscience programs reduces drug cravings while increasing Game Focus, Memory, Hand/Eye Coordination, Emotional Regulation and Cognitive Ability.

Medical Director, Atman Reyes MD

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Pure Sports Recovery
Treats Addiction As A Brain Disease

“Addiction is a Brain Disease” – Surgeon General

Well-supported scientific evidence shows that addiction to alcohol or drugs is a chronic brain disease that has potential for recurrence and recovery. Well-supported evidence shows that the addiction process involves a three-stage cycle:

1. Binge/Intoxication
2. Withdrawal/Negative Affect
3. Preoccupation/Anticipation

This cycle becomes more severe as a person continues substance use and it produces dramatic changes in brain function that reduce a person’s ability to control their substance use. Supported scientific evidence shows that these changes in the brain persist long after substance use stops.

The Pure Sports Recovery programs utilize an advanced neuroscience approach to treat addiction as the brain disease that it is . Utilizing this approach has resulted in successful outcomes with reduced incidents of relapse while at the same time increasing the athletes performance and focus .

Symptoms of Brain Change From Addiction

Symptoms of Brain Slowing From Addiction:

1. Bad Decision Making
2. Brain Fog
3. Lack of Inhibitory Control
4. Impulsivity
5. Depression/Anxiety
6. Inability to Focus
7. Attention Deficit

Symptoms of Over Arousal From Addiction

Lack of Inhibitory Control of the Emotional Parts of the Brain Effect

1. Anger
2. Aggression
3. Over Focused Thinking
4. OCD
5. Insomnia

Pure Sports Recovery Program Benefits

• Innovative Neuroscience Treatment For Addiction and Behavioral Health
• Revolutionary Medical/ Holistic Epigenetic Approach
• Sophisticated Personalized Clinical Care
• Specializing in Treating Professional Athletes
• Trusted Results
• Redefining Peak Performance For Sports Brain Health
• Compassionate, Conscientious and Ethical Care

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